Our mission

Join, and innovate with us

The technological challenges faced by industry can be found on various technology and manufacturing readiness levels. Although specific thermoplastic composite components and substructures are already applied commercially, a limited understanding of the physical mechanisms and phenomena, governing the use and manufacturing phase, make product development expensive and time consuming and thereby hinders further (large scale) application of the technology. We, as TPRC, believe that a thorough understanding of materials and processes on a fundamental level is required to deliver on the promise of thermoplastic composites as the material of choice for light-weight components.

Overcoming technological barriers

By bringing together all actors in the value chain, we effectively identify, analyze and overcome the technological barriers that hinder large scale application of thermoplastic composites. The involvement of the value chain as a whole prevents point solutions and accelerates innovation. TPRC is renowned as a world-leading authority and is seen as an outstanding knowledge partner with unique knowhow on the processing of thermoplastic composites. Combined with our state-of-the-art production and research facilities, we are the natural partner to advance your composites technology.