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ITHEC 2020 goes virtual in October

The 5th International Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites goes virtual and will present new lightweight concepts, materials trends and innovative manufacturing technologies in the field of thermoplastic composites.

At ITHEC a Masterclass on press forming will be given by TPRC's Sebastiaan Wijskamp (Technical Director) on October 13 at 2.00 PM (CET). Besides this Masterclass TPRC's PhD Researchers Jagadeesh Swamy and Erik Krämer will both be presenting their papers and latest research updates.

"We are expecting more than 500 specialists from industry and research to attend this fifth ITHEC," says Daniel Schäfer, the new Project Manager for ITHEC at CONGRESS BREMEN.

The TPRC is proud to be once again a Gold sponsor of ITHEC.

ITHEC 2020 Logo Virtual

Join Jagadeesh's lecture on a two-step process involving the automated deposition of pre-impregnated tape using automated fiber placement (AFP), followed by an out-of-autoclave (OoA) consolidation step, such as Vacuum Bag Only (VBO) consolidation. This might be a way forward to manufacture large and complex thermoplastic composite structures. The key to achieving void-free VBO consolidation of thermoplastic composites is to evacuate air from the lay-up before the melt. In this study, an attempt is made to create the necessary channels for air removal in fiber-placed blanks by deliberately providing gaps between the tapes, to achieve void-free consolidation during the following VBO consolidation process. Read more

Erik will present the underlying physical mechanisms for the formation of fiber waviness during flat laminate consolidation. The study is focused on the production of waviness-free laminates by determining processing guidelines, based on a descriptive model. It is desirable to prevent or minimize fiber waviness, as it causes a knockdown in the mechanical properties of the part. The recently published paper “Real-time observation of waviness formation during C/PEEK consolidation” in Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing describes an experimental setup for the in-situ observation of a ply during consolidation. For C/PEEK unidirectional composites, it was observed that waviness forms during cooling, between the maximum process temperature and the crystallization temperature. The degree of fiber waviness did not change after crystallization. This has lead to the conclusion that tool shrinkage, transferred to the laminate via tool-ply friction, is the driving force for waviness formation during flat laminate consolidation.

The full program and timetable can be found here. Conference lectures which are held in the morning will be repeated in the afternoon, so participation can be enabled across all regions.

Event info

Date: October 13-15, 2020

Time: 9 am - 7 pm CET/MEZ (GMT+1)

Check out the ITHEC website for more information

Our team is looking forward to meeting you online on October 13th-15th 2020!
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sessions Regional

Timetable regional zones. © ITHEC

During ITHEC 2018, Tjitse Slange received the ITHEC / JEC Best Paper Award for his paper "Rapid Manufacturing of a Tailored Spar by AFP & Stamp Forming".

Photo: © MESSE BREMEN/Jan Rathke

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