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SAMPE Benelux Spring 2019

The TPRC will visit the SAMPE Benelux Spring Meeting on the 10th of April and participate in the SAMPE Benelux 2019 Students' meeting on April 9th.

Excellent students in materials or process science and engineering are invited to participate in the Students' meeting and get the chance to win the SAMPE Benelux Student Award and represent the Benelux at SAMPE Europe.

Would you like to meet up with our staff these days? Make sure to contact us so that we do not miss each other during these days!

SAMPE Benelux was created shortly after SAMPE Europe and they formed the Benelux board with the aim to initiate Benelux activities.

Thanks to the historically strong aerospace activity in the Benelux, the main interest of the group is still on composite materials for demanding applications. These applications extend from aerospace to industries such as transport, infrastructure, energy generation and storage, etc.

Counting over 180 members, SAMPE Benelux has been a strong influence from leading companies, research institutes and universities such as Fokker, SONACA, Hexcel, Ten Cate Advanced Composites, TPRC, KU Leuven, TU Delft, and more. Find more information about SAMPE Benelux on their website.

Interested in a training on thermoplastic composites?

A widespread application of thermoplastic composites requires skilled engineers. The TPRC is well positioned to provide the required training and education, thanks to its state-of-the-art lab facilities and the support from its academic partners. The TPRC offers two-day courses: Introduction to Thermoplastic Composites, and Advanced Forming of Thermoplastic Composites.