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TPRC Talks 2: Deep dive into stamp forming

This February it is time for the second episode of the TPRC Talks!

Deep dive into stamp forming

After the success of the first episode of our new talk show in November, it is time for a sequel. In episode 2 of the TPRC Talks we dive deeper into our research.

This time we will take a deep dive into the world of stamp forming of thermoplastic composites. In our online talk show, live in our lab, our experts will discuss about the state-of-the art technology and future developments. And, you will be able to ask your questions directly to the experts.

Learn more and register for this live, online talk show about stamp forming on February 8, 2021 | 4:00 PM CET.

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Who are the guests in TPRC Talks 2?

Sebastiaan Wijskamp, TPRC’s Technical Director, will explain how stamp forming works and will tell more about the research at the TPRC.

Sebastiaan Haanappel
is Managing Director of AniForm Engineering. AniForm Engineering is a TPRC partner and develops technology to predict the formability of composite laminates to the aerospace and automotive industries. Sebastiaan will explain the technology and their simulation software that is used worldwide.

Dennis Brands and Rens Pierik, two young and promising PhD students at the TPRC. They are both working on the same project: PERFECT, which is an acronym for ‘press forming without defects’, the press forming of thermoplastic composites. They want to better understand how defects arise in the press forming process, as an aid to prediction. They also tell you what it's like to work at the TPRC.

And we will interview 2 other valued partners live in this talk show:

David Leach, Director, Business Development of ATC Manufacturing

Peter Boer, Head of new technology of DTC

Register now and join us live on February 8, 2021 | 4:00 PM CET.


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The TPRC is a consortium of industrial and academic members active in the thermoplastic composites industry. We believe in thermoplastic composites as the material for lightweight manufacturing in large volumes. Our primary aim is to enable a more widespread use of thermoplastic composites by eliminating technological barriers.