DAHER-SOCATA, the aerospace and defense division of DAHER, has consolidated both its status as a tier 1 equipment supplier and aircraft manufacturer in the aerospace industry. DAHER-SOCATA has created a range of products and services which combine its expertise in aircraft building and aerostructures manufacturing, as well as industrial and logistics services. All these activities are supported by expertise in cutting-edge technology.

Closely involved in the development and use of composite materials, DAHER-SOCATA is in particular a specialist in injection (RTM) and infusion (LRI) processes, thermoplastics, automated drape-forming and out-of-autoclave processes. DAHER-SOCATA is strongly committed to the development of thermoplastic composite aerostructures with a dedicated factory in Nantes (France) and a continued effort in research and technologies. DAHER-SOCATA has joined the TPRC to accelerate this development in a collaborative and international spirit.

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