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Vaupell | SB Aero designs, engineers, and produces custom, high performance engineered plastics and composite components and assemblies for demanding applications.

Vaupell is the global market leader in plastic components and assemblies for aircraft interiors and structures while also serving the broader aerospace, defense and life sciences markets. In addition to parts, Vaupell has a wide variety of aerospace focused materials and intermediates in the portfolio, such as composite panels, thermoformable thermoplastic sheet, decorative film and long fiber moldable thermoplastic composite materials.

Vaupell has focused on complex assemblies and high-visibility, high-cost resin products such as passenger service units, air grilles, speaker grilles, and window reveals. Vaupell also manufactures seat row markers, literature pockets, stow bin latches, attendant call buttons, leading edge seals, galley face plates, and oxygen boxes and doors. These products are molded out of complex resins for strength, chemical or environmental resistance, flame retardancy, and stability at extreme temperatures.

Vaupell is also a leader in the development of reinforced fiberglass and other composite molding techniques and manufacture a variety of composite products for the aircraft and rotorcraft markets.

What do we think of our cooperation?

"The reasons for Vaupell | sbAERO joining TPRC were driven by our desire to expand in the market of thermoplastic composites. The role of material suppliers such as SB increasingly includes processing technology and advice to potential customers, optimized for the material. Thermoplastic long fiber-reinforced composite molding materials are a relatively new product range for our company and we decided that joining TPRC would accelerate our understanding of the molding possibilities of our materials and thus improve our ability to support our customers.”

Henny van Dijk, Chairman - Vaupell/sbAERO