Our expertise and laboratory are also available to non-members to whom we provide consultancy and smaller scale, application oriented, research projects. Possible topics include material characterization, both in terms of mechanical performance and processing, process optimization through the use of simulation tools, and design studies.

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Technical Director

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As an instructive example, we optimized the manufacturing process of a car seat backrest, using the overmolding process, together with Johnson Controls. The actual work involved characterization of thermoplastic composite materials in terms of formability, making use of dedicated in-house developed equipment, followed by virtual process optimization through the use of finite element forming software. By following a design for manufacturing approach, the composite lay-up was optimized to allow defect-free manufacturing. The chosen approach was validated by the production of a demonstrator seat, which was successfully tested in terms of static as well as crash behavior. This is a shining example of years of fundamental research on a material level finding its way into industrial application. We believe that it takes proper fundamental understanding to drive innovations like these.

Interested in bilateral project work? Feel free to contact us. Our enthusiastic engineers are eager to innovate with you.

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