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The TPRC conducts research in the areas of new materials, joining technologies and processing methods. The TPRC therefore is continuously looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to reinforce its team.

Scroll down below to find our current vacancies. Are you interested in high-tech thermoplastic composite materials and would you like to join a highly motivated young team of experts? Then please contact us.


Currently, the TPRC has several vacancies and is looking for a Business Development Manager, Researchers, as well as new PhD Candidates.

Are you interested in joining our team and looking to learn more about a specific vacancy? You can contact us via careers [at] tprc.nl

PhD candidates or postdocs

The TPRC seeks motivated PhD candidates or postdoctoral researchers with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Physics or Chemistry who are looking for an exciting challenge in the field of composite materials.

Internship and graduation students

Several internship and graduation assignments are available at the TPRC, ranging from process modeling (e.g. for fiber placement or press forming process) to mechanical characterization of thermoplastic composites.

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Interested in a training on thermoplastic composites?

A widespread application of thermoplastic composites requires skilled engineers. The TPRC is well positioned to provide the required training and education, thanks to its state-of-the-art lab facilities and the support from its academic partners. The TPRC offers two-day courses: Introduction to Thermoplastic Composites, and Advanced Forming of Thermoplastic Composites.