Advancing Thermoplastic Composites Technologies


Contact: Guillaume Vincent

23/10 New recycling route for thermoplastic composites

TPRC and TPAC developed a new recycling process for thermoplastic composites offering high mechanical performance and design freedom at low cost. With the growth of applications and production of thermoplastic composites, the amount of generated scrap increases and reaches substantial volumes. Considering the high commercial value of this material as well as legal and environmental reasons, the development of specific recycling solutions is therefore of interest.

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Contact: Mark Bouwman

11/10 Research lab expanded with CNC milling machine

The TPRC research lab infrastructure has been expanded with a CNC milling machine for thermoplastic composites. This state-of-the-art CNC milling equipment gives us the capability to machine specimens and trim parts with high precision. 

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Thermoplastic composites research center

Advancing thermoplastic composites technology

The ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC) is a consortium of industrial and academic members active in the thermoplastic composites industry. We believe in thermoplastic composites as the material for lightweight manufacturing in large volumes. Our primary aim is to enable a more widespread use of thermoplastic composites by eliminating technological barriers.

For this purpose, the consortium as a whole defines and executes a research roadmap aimed at generating the fundamental knowledge required to optimize existing and new manufacturing processes in terms of quality and productivity. The developed knowledge is put to use through process design tools which allow design for manufacturing for thermoplastic composites, taking into account the material and processing capabilities and limitations.