Polymer composites have found a prominent way into the aerospace industry. The latest generation of aircrafts consists of over 50% (by weight) of fiber reinforced polymers. With increasing aircraft build rates, manufacturing time becomes more and more important. This development drives the growing interest for thermoplastic composites as the material for larger series production. The inherent reprocessability of thermoplastic composites allows for the automated and fast manufacturing processes needed to cope with these high build rates.


Typical characteristics of aerospace thermoplastic composites:

  • Low cycle times
  • Assembly through welding technologies
  • Highly automated manufacturing
  • High toughness and damage tolerance
  • Excellent FST properties
  • High use temperature


  • Material costs
  • Relatively high processing temperatures
  • Predictable and robust processing
  • Manufacturing of complex geometries

Together with our partners we develop the tools and knowledge required to manufacture complex structures from thermoplastic composite parts. Care to learn more about our research? Do not hesitate to contact us.