The current oil industry puts more and more demands on the materials used for oil extraction. Materials used in the oil and gas industry are subjected to extremely hostile conditions with high temperature and aggressive chemicals, while the self-weight should be low due to the extremely long pipe lengths that are needed for off-shore drilling. High-end thermoplastic composites are well suited for applications in such environments, as they are lightweight and have a high chemical resistance. Modern manufacturing technologies allow automated manufacturing of endless, spoolable and lightweight pipes suitable for offshore applications.


The benefits of using thermoplastic composites for the oil & gas industry:

  • Excellent chemical resistance (no corrosion)
  • High usage temperature
  • Impact resistance
  • Good fatigue properties
  • Lightweight compared to the conventionally used metals


  • Affordable processing of specialty composites
  • Lack of standardized test methods for composite offshore applications
  • (Long term) Chemical – mechanical interaction in advanced thermoplastics

Together with our partners we develop the tools and knowledge required for offshore application of thermoplastic composites. Care to learn more about our research or interested in a bilateral project? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.