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ACMA TCC 2020 well represented by the TPRC

Thermoplastic Composites Conference 2020

The TPRC participated in the first Thermoplastic Composites Conference (TCC 2020), which was organized by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and was held from April 29 - May 1. The international composites community gathered in a virtual meeting venue to discuss all about thermoplastic composites, addressing many of the topics that the TPRC consortium is working on in its research roadmap.

The contributions of TPRC's partners - AniForm Engineering, ATC Manufacturing, Boeing, Collins Aerospace, Coriolis Composites, Solvay, Spirit Aerosystems and Toray Advanced Composites - demonstrated both the technological advancements and the successful collaborations within the thermoplastic composites network.

TCC2020 TPRC Wijskamp 01

Automated fiber placement (AFP) and welding, processes that are thoroughly being investigated for the manufacture of large aircraft structures, were highlighted in well-moderated panel discussions. Sebastiaan Wijskamp shared TPRC’s vision of induction welding, specifically emphasizing the need for a multiscale, multiphysics-based approach to obtaining the process-performance relation required to design a robust welding process.

If you are interested in the subjects that were presented and discussed, ACMA offers a virtual recording package here.

TCC2020 TPRC Wijskamp 02

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