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Characterization and improvement of the quality of mixing of recycled thermoplastic composites

We are very happy to be able to publicly share some of the important results of a TPRC core research program on recycling of thermoplastic composite laminates.

An experimental study was carried out to understand how to improve the quality of mixing of recycled thermoplastic composites. Read more about this research in this publication of Guillaume Vincent PhD: Characterisation and improvement of the quality of mixing of recycled thermoplastic composites.

The research has been performed at our research center in cooperation with the Production Technology research group of Professor Remko Akkerman (University of Twente). This research is part of a collaborative project led by TPRC and TPAC/Saxion University of Applied Sciences, with the involvement of GKN Fokker, Toray Advanced Composites, Dutch Thermoplastic Components, Cato Composite Innovations and Nido Recyclingtechniek. The financial support of the Dutch Organisation of Applied Research - SIA (grant SIA-RAAK 2014-01-72PRO) is gratefully acknowledged.

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Our roadmap is aimed at generating the fundamental knowledge that supports the design of thermoplastic composite structures, the optimization of existing and new manufacturing processes, and the development of sustainable process chains. We perform specific, exclusive research for members and non-members, in addition to the roadmap. The activities may range from short-term engineering work, training and consultancy to longer research projects. Are you interested in innovating with us?