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EngD title for Mauryn de Graaf


On Friday 24th of November, Mauryn de Graaf has achieved the title of Engineering Doctorate (EngD) after a successful defense of his research on "Hot Gas Welding of Thermoplastic Composite T-Joints - Design & Development of the T-CAT2.0 Machine". Mauryn has performed his EngD research in Robotics at the department of Production Technology, leaded by Prof. Dr. Ir Remko Akkerman at the the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente.

Mauryn's EngD research aimed to automate the welding process of a thermoplastic composite T-joint using hot air, filament extrusion, and a consolidation step. The resulting laboratory research set-up successfully showcased the feasibility of implementing this welding technique in a simultaneous, double-sided and automated manner. Moreover, the machine can now be used for further research on this topic. This achievement represents a step toward incorporating such a welding head on a serial robot for large scale welding of stiffeners in thermoplastic composite assemblies.

Stay tuned - a link to Mauryn's publication will be added soon.

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