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New publication on the bending behavior of thermoplastic composites in melt

Check out our latest publication by Simon Veenstra with a data-driven approach to model the bending behavior of thermoplastic composites in melt. The resistance to bending of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites at processing temperature is an important predictor of wrinkle formation during the stamp forming process. At TPRC, this resistance has been quantified experimentally for a wide range of thermoplastic composites. This data-driven study proposes a rate- and temperature-dependent bending model derived from the experimental data of 10 very different thermoplastic composites. Multivariate analysis methods were applied to reveal the important generalizable trends in the experimental data, and discard irrelevant features. In general, all thermoplastic composites evaluated show a similar, yet distinct, bending behavior that can be captured by a simple four-parameter model.

Graphical Abstract 00

Together with the Production Technology research group of Professor Remko Akkerman (University of Twente), we are working hard on the development of predictive process models to allow defect-free manufacturing of thermoplastic composite parts and structures.

Feel free to contact us for more information on this or other subjects in thermoplastic composite technology.

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