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SAMPE Benelux meeting 2022

Over the past two days we welcomed the participants of the SAMPE Benelux Student meeting and SAMPE Benelux spring meeting. Every year, preceding the SAMPE Benelux meeting, a student competition is held in which master and PhD students get the opportunity to present their research findings to a jury. During this competition, the best master and PhD student presentation are selected.

SAMPE BNL Student Competition 17 May 2022

The two winners of the SAMPE Benelux Student meeting 2022 also presented their work during the SAMPE Benelux spring meeting and were well received:

MSc: Arianna Tavano - KU Leuven, “Exploring biaxially oriented polypropylene laminates for suitcase application: a time-dependency analysis of mechanical performance”

PhD: Sofie Verstraete - KU Leuven, “Evaluation of the mechanical performance of short straw flax fiber reinforced polylactic-acid (PLA) composites”

The winners will have the opportunity to represent SAMPE Benelux at the annual SAMPE Europe International Students' seminar.

Two years ago, TPRC’s Yannick Buser won this European student competition with his master thesis on the rheology of unidirectional thermoplastic composite flakes. As a reward, he will now participate in the SAMPE University Leadership Experience at the SAMPE North America Conference and Exhibition in Charlotte, North Carolina, held next week.

SAMPE BNL Student Competition 18 May 2022 8

Yesterday, the SAMPE Benelux spring meeting took place. After the lectures in the U Parkhotel of the University of Twente, we welcomed the attendees for a tour and networking drink in our research center.

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