Fokker Technologies, founded by aviation pioneer Anthony Fokker in 1919, was acquired by GKN Aerospace in 2015. GKN Fokker designs, develops and produces advanced structures and electrical systems for the aerospace and defence industry and provides repair and maintenance services for Fokker and other aircrafts. GKN Fokker, is a pioneer in advanced lightweight aerostructures and a specialist in the application of thermoplastic composites for a wide range of aircraft programs and products, both commercial and military.

TPRC, as an open R&D Center of Excellence, adds great value to GKN Fokker since it combines the powers of OEM’s, suppliers, knowledge Centers in the Aerospace value chain, as well as the value chains of other branches, to develop and share knowledge and know-how on Thermoplastic technology. It is an excellent opportunity for GKN Fokker to participate in the rapid technological development of this material, with its economic and ecologic advantages in terms of costs and weight.

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