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AniForm Engineering

AniForm Engineering develops simulation software to predict the forming process of composite laminates. The software allows engineers to predict potential processing issues in the early product design stages, but also predicts the new material properties after forming which is relevant for structural analysis.

AniForm’s mission is to create the world’s most accurate and easy-to-use forming simulation tool for professionals in the composites manufacturing industry. This is evident from its increasing application in the aerospace and automotive industry.

AniForm Engineering also offers engineering services, which include advanced formability assessments by using the simulation software and in-house practical expertise. Additionally, AniForm offers material characterisation, and tailored trainings for companies who wish to expand their current capabilities and know-how about the composites forming process.

For AniForm Engineering, membership results in close cooperation with the TPRC’s researchers and other members of the consortium, such as OEMs and material suppliers, so AniForm’s expertise develops continuously.

What do we think of our cooperation?

“Our collaboration with TPRC researchers leads to matured, recognized, and standardized material characterization methods for forming simulations, which are eventually of great benefit to all our clients.”

Sebastiaan Haanappel, Managing Director – Aniform Engineering

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