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Boeing (NYSE:BA) is the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined.

Boeing believes TPRC's research center will provide customers with access to an accelerated development and use of thermoplastic materials and processing technologies, world-class suppliers and aircraft components at reduced cost, cycle time and weight. Boeing sees the use of thermoplastics growing across many of the company’s production lines as customers demand products that are lighter, more cost-efficient and environmentally progressive.

Boeing Research & Technology, the company’s central R&D organization, conducts its own R&D and works with top government, private and university research centers throughout the world to find the most innovative and affordable technology solutions for aerospace applications. Through the TPRC, the entire value chain for thermoplastic composites is brought together under one roof, which fosters innovation and thorough deployment of technology. The ability of collaborative enterprises like the TPRC to rapidly innovate and deploy new technology helps Boeing maintain a competitive advantage in the global aerospace industry. Boeing is one of the founders of the TPRC.

What do we think of our cooperation?

“Thermoplastic materials and processes enable us to reduce the weight and cost of aircraft components, and to produce composite components at a very high rate of production. This allows designers to explore new applications previously dominated by metallic components. I would describe research conducted at TPRC as World Class. Boeing’s collaboration with TPRC researchers results in a new generation of materials and processes, driving new applications for Boeing products.”

Alex Rubin, Principal Senior Technical Fellow – Boeing Research & Technology

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