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TPRC Talks - The TPRC

This is the overview page of episode 1 of the TPRC Talks. The broadcast aired on November 30th 2020. Here you can rewatch all the videos of the very first episode.

The TPRC Talks episode 1 - The TPRC

This video shows the very first TPRC Talks which was held on November 30th with:

  • Remko Akkerman, Scientific Director (TPRC)
  • Sebastiaan Wijskamp, Technical Director (TPRC)
  • Our partners Toray Advanced Composites and Solvay
  • PhD student Ramona Sitohang (TPRC)

With our studio guests we talked about the TPRC, our mission, the lab and what our research is currently focusing on, and the world of thermoplastic composites in general. It was also explained how the TPRC works closely together with the partners within the consortium.

In this video you can watch the partner interviews with:

They shared their experience on working together with TPRC and other partners within the consortium.

This video shows an interview with PhD student Ramona Sitohang from Indonesia. Ramona shared her experience at the TPRC and what it is like to work and live in Enschede.

TPRC Talks

The TPRC Talks are a live, online talk show in which we invite you along into our consortium and the world of thermoplastic composites.

Studio guests talked about our mission, the lab and what our research is currently focusing on. Our valued partners also explained the importance of thermoplastic composites research and the benefits of working closely together with the partners within the consortium. And our researchers explained their research, such as stamp forming and welding. We are thankful for the many people who attended the talk.

Continue watching the other TPRC Talks episodes:

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