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TPRC Talks - Joining

This is the fourth episode of the TPRC Talks | Joining with Thermoplastic Composites: Facing the Interface. This episode was broadcasted live in our lab on June 28th. You can watch all videos of the fourth episode on this page.

The TPRC Talks episode 4 - Joining with Thermoplastic Composites: Facing the Interface

This is the video of the fourth episode of the TPRC Talks on multi-material joining, again broadcasted live from our lab. We welcomed:

  • Sebastiaan Wijskamp, Technical Director (TPRC)
  • Jeroen Houwers, Research Engineer (TPRC)
  • PhD student Vanessa Marinosci (TPRC)
  • Our partners from Victrex and the University of Twente, and our COMPeTE partner Autodesk

With our studio guests and valued partners we discussed the state-of-the art technology and the importance of joining with thermoplastic composites.

In this video, TPRC’s research engineers Jeroen Houwers and Andrès Garcia Rodriguez explain about the COMPeTE research project on injection overmolding.

In this video Vanessa Marinosci and Giorgos Kafkopoulos, both PhD students at the TPRC, explain about the ECOMOLD research project on multi material joints, with a focus on co-consolidation.

Our partners Franco Costa (Autodesk), Matthijn de Rooij (University of Twente) and John Grasmeder ( Victrex Aerospace Solutions) shared their expertise on multi-material joining.

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