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TPRC Talks | Joining with Thermoplastic Composites: Facing the Interface

TPRC TALKS - June 28, 2021

After the success of the previous episodes, it's time for the next TPRC Talks. This time we invite you along into the world of hybrid joining.

In the previous episode we talked about welding of thermoplastic composites and we explained how we can realize complex structures with welding. In this episode we will focus on connecting different materials, such as metal and thermoplastic composites. Therefore the interface is very important.

TPR Ctalks 4 Socials Announce

The studio guests in this episode:

Sebastiaan Wijskamp, Technical Director at the TPRC. Sebastiaan will explain how multi-material joining works and will tell more about the research and how the TPRC works closely together with partners.

Jeroen Houwers, Research Engineer at the TPRC. Jeroen is working on injection overmolding. Jeroen will share his knowledge and tells about the COMPeTe project. Andrés Garcia, Research Engineer, is teaming up with Jeroen on this project and he will also share his experiences.

Vanessa Marinosci, PhD student at the TPRC. Vanessa is working on the Ecomold project: Efficient Co-Molding of Metal. Her research focuses mainly on multi-material metal-composite joints and specifically on joining titanium and thermoplastic composites. Georgios Kafkopoulos, PhD student, is collaboration with Vanessa on this project. He is working on surface modification at the University of Twente tribology labs.

Of course, our valued partners also get the stage. In this episode you can ask your questions to our partners:

- Franco Costa, Research Director for the Autodesk Moldflow product family at Autodesk
- Matthijn de Rooij, Professor Surface Engineering and Maintenance at University of Twente
- John Grasmeder, Chief Scientist at Victrex

And we are happy to welcome Anic van Damme again as our host.

Register and join us live on June 28, 4:00 PM CET:

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The TPRC is a consortium of industrial and academic members active in the thermoplastic composites industry. We believe in thermoplastic composites as the material for lightweight manufacturing in large volumes. Our primary aim is to enable a more widespread use of thermoplastic composites by eliminating technological barriers.