22 Jan

Rapid Manufacturing of a Tailored Spar by AFP and Stamp Forming

The TPRC has developed a rapid processing route for manufacturing tailored thermoplastic components in short cycle times by combining automated fiber placement (AFP) with stamp forming technology.

The high lay-up freedom of AFP allows for part cost and performance/weight optimization compared to conventional uniform thickness blanks by enabling more optimized lay-ups and near net shape blank contours. High lay-up rates are possible, as in-situ consolidation during AFP is not required. The final shape and consolidation quality of the part are achieved during a short stamp forming cycle.


This process route was demonstrated on a tailored spar section, which was presented at the ITHEC 2018 Conference in Bremen. During ITHEC 2018 Tjitse Slange received the ITHEC / JEC Best Paper Award for his paper about “Rapid Manufacturing of a Tailored Spar by AFP and Stamp Forming”. You can now read all about it in the latest JEC Composites Magazine (126), pages 56-59. Read more about Tjitse Slange’s paper and feel free to contact us for more information.




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