A wide range of trainings on thermoplastic composites can be provided by TPRC on request. If you are interested in our courses or workshops, you will find below more information about the different trainings and possibilities. Feel free to contact us for more information.
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A widespread application of thermoplastic composites requires skilled engineers. TPRC is well positioned to provide the needed training and education due to its state-of-the-art lab facilities and the support from its academic partners. As an example, we provide an introductory course Introduction to Thermoplastic Composites. The typical features, the processing and properties of thermoplastic composites will be explained. The two-day course, including theoretical and practical work, is hosted twice per year for both members and non-members. The hands-on practical work involving consolidation techniques, press forming, laser-assisted tape placement, welding and testing under guidance of TPRC experts forms the highlights of the course.
Next to this generic introduction course, we provide an advanced course Advanced forming of Thermoplastic Composites. This course offers knowledge on the press-forming process of thermoplastic composites. During the 2-day course the ins and outs of the press-forming technology are presented. More advanced courses on specific topics are available upon request.

Knowledge transfer is also promoted via interactive workshops on selected topics. We organize these to bring together industry and academia in order to enable the valorization of scientific research and to boost industrial innovation. The workshops may have a generic nature or be tailored to specific materials, processes or properties. Our workshop on overmolding, for example, was specifically successful as it resulted in a roadmap research project with participation of external parties from both the automotive and aerospace industry.

Interested in our courses and workshops? Feel free to check the schedule and contact us.

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