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Advanced Forming of Thermoplastic Composites course

On Thursday and Friday September 12th and 13th, the TPRC will organize a two-day Advanced Forming of Thermoplastic Composites course. This course will be hosted at the lecture room and lab facilities of the TPRC. The program offers knowledge on the press-forming process for thermoplastic composites. During this two-day event, all ins and outs of the press-forming technology are presented in a classroom setting, but also elaborated in practical lab exercises. This advanced level course is well-suited for engineers who are considering future application of thermoplastic composites and forming processes. Prior knowledge of the field of thermoplastic composites, a degree in mechanical engineering or another engineering study is advantageous. The course includes course materials, lunches, drinks and dinner.

If you are interested in joining the course or you would like to receive more information about it, please contact us.

Event info:

From date: 12 / Sept / 2019
Till date: 13 / Sept / 2019

From time: 09:00h
Till time: 18:00h